5g mirage 4g63 swap

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How much will it cost to put a 4G63T engine into my 2003 lancer oz rally?

Password I've forgotten my password. Remember Me? This is not recommended for shared computers. What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Showing results 1 to 20 of Hello I'm coming from Mirage Forums same username just want to introduce myself, ask some questions, show my car.

I received it. Got sidetracked with my other Mirage and this nice coupe sat for over a year. Just waiting. It had been sitting far too long and I wasn't about to give up on it.

It will get there. Last edited by paulo; at PM. Copy pasta from my thread on MPF. Huge pic dump incoming. Well ok pictures. Here's a quick run down. Rebuilt all the suspension. Etc etc New wheels. Sanded the car down, going to be dropped off at the paint shop this weekend. Brand new JDM trunk cuz why not. Vibrant resonator and OEM v6 eclipse muffler. Looks fressshhh.

Just using the car as storage atm so ignore the clutter. I'm sure I missed stuff, but I posted lots of pics. Little background. I let the car sit for over a year.Forum style by ZTech.

Log in X User Name Register. Password I've forgotten my password. Remember Me? This is not recommended for shared computers. What's New? Showing results 1 to 16 of My Mirage 4g64 Swap Build Thread. Well after I bought the Talon Tsi with a bad engine and it did turn out so well.

After doing more research I found this Mitsubishi Mirage. The 1. I got it so cheap because it had an oil leak, that the owner didnt know where it was coming from. After looking over the car I found it had a bad rear main seal, instead of trying to replace I search the net and found Mirage Performance. At Mirage Performance found a number of swaps I could do, the 4g64,4g63 and 4g63T were the swaps I was looking into. I decided with the 4g64 because the engine and parts were cheap and easy to find.

The 4g63 required you to cut and weld the motor mount to get it to fit. The Galant tranny required fabrication of the top tranny mount and custom axles, the 1. Pic when I first got the car, super clean. Second pic is the 4g64 in the trunk of the Mirage. Pulling the 1.This site is dedicated to one awesome little car, the Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to take a look around! Most people get a pretty big kick out of the videos. My Mirage: The History I remember the first time I saw one of these quirky little "pocket rockets. He described the performance as "peppy. Since my interest at the time was focused on V8s in all of their gas guzzling glory, I paid no mind to it. They came from the factory with a 1.

They also came with 4 wheel disc brakes and a host of suspension upgrades. The exterior is stock except for the wheels and window tint. This is done mainly to fool the unsuspecting that have no knowledge of the hp beast lurking within.

The Discovery: Summer, Fast forward to After purchasing, and lightly modifying my Eclipse turbo, I was amazed by how simple it was to make the turbo 2. When I say "perform" I am not talking about a few tenths of a second here or there.

5g mirage 4g63 swap

All this while racking up over 80 miles a day at no less than 27mpg. Since I was now sold on the power potential and reliability of the Mitsu motor, I started dreaming up different vehicles the Mitsu 2. That's all I needed to hear, and the search was on! The Find! Summer Since there were only roughly of these cars made they are getting nearly impossible to find. After a long and frustrating search I finally found one in North Carolina! The good news was that the body was in great shape! The bad news was that the car needed lots and lots of "TLC" lets call it, since many of the important details were overlooked.

That's putting it mildly, believe me. The interior was also unique to these vehicles. A datalogger with with a palm pilot mount is hiding in the glovebox. What Next? My goal from the beginning has been to create the ultimate sleeper.

Since this car has the looks of most every other 80s econobox on the road, it will be underestimated by all opponents. I'm hoping that most will pass it off as "A riceburner with a loud muffler.

This car has never been on a dyno, so these are just estimates from its performance at the drag strip. Since it weighs in at less than lbs, that gives it a power to weight ratio of 5. How does that stack up? I have swapped out the stock 4G61 1. The stock transmission is used with a limited slip differential.The humble FWD economy compact shares little to nothing in common with its cousin, the Lancer Evolution.

Fortunately, it does share some similarities to its other performance cousin, the Eclipse. And, some enthusiasts recognize this and push the Mirage into a performance class worthy of respect.

Elvin Rivera and his brother decided to purchase this Mirage coupe and build it for drag racing. We liked the look of the car, it was about the size of a Honda, but was powered by Mitsubishi. It had a FWD 4G63 swap already installed, but it was an ugly swap. The engine and transmission mounts needed to be redone, along with numerous other details under the hood. They took note of the color-code and decided to spray the Mirage in the same hue. Fernandez is known for his seven-second 4Gpowered Corolla, and his plans to convert the Mirage to a rear-wheel drive drag car sounded very promising.

Two years later, Fernandez reached out to Rivera, offering to sell back the Mirage shell. The RWD conversion never got off the ground and he gave his cousin first right of refusal to buy the car. Rivera happened to be going through a rough patch at the time, so he negotiated to buy back the car and included with the purchase a 1G AWD Talon with a smashed quarter panel.

5g mirage 4g63 swap

He figured that time spent working on the car would get his mind off of his problems, and converting the Mirage to all-wheel drive sounded like a great project to do just that. Rivera noticed before that his Mirage looked very similar to the Lancer Evolution III, but with only two doors instead of four. The coupe was lighter than the four-door sedan, making it an ideal candidate for drag racing.

He discovered the Mirage shared similar dimensions to the 1G DSM chassis, which made the transfer of most parts a bolt on affair. Rivera, with help from his friend, Frank Martinez, fabricated new engine and transmission mounts to accommodate the AWD driveline. With the swap completed, Rivera encountered transfer case issues, going through more than three units before finally getting his driveline ailments resolved.

The Mirage ran solid eleven-second passes, then shortly after, his TDB turbocharger blew. This led to a fresh engine build. The six-bolt 4G63 engine got a refresh in preparation for greater output targets. The stock engine displacement was retained, as the cylinders received a fresh hone before being filled with 9. Up top, Buschur Racing BR serviced the cylinder head. After porting and polishing, a Supertech valvetrain composed of valves, springs and titanium retainers was installed.

To lift the new valvetrain, BR stage 2 camshafts were chosen. Once reunited with the block, a set of ARP head studs secured the longblock assembly together. Slicked down with Fed up with his driveline woes, he spoke to David Buschur for advice. Buschur suggested trying something different, like an automatic transmission.After running some preliminary numbers, I estimated about a lb weight saving over the DSM with this conversion.

This would provide the floor pan that would have all the mounting locations to allow the suspension components to bolt right up.

The DSMs use a bolt-in subframe, which is perfect for a swap like this once you fabricate the mounts to attach it. The project took a lot of measuring and checking, but once all the cutting and welding was complete, I ended up with a car that all my replacement components can be sourced locally — a true USDM car. Just by looking at it, this Mirage would hardly convince anyone of its performance capabilities.

The swap sounds like its been done right, and judging by the photos, the car gets used and abused. With whp, this Mitsubishi Mirage was able to run an E. Front brakes not behaving the way they should? And if you drive a Mirage like ours, Power Slot has. We now return to our regularly scheduled Project Mirage story.

The last time we saw the Mirage, it had been given a nice low stance and a brand-new set of shoes. Meet Lance, our Project Mirage. He likes long walks in the forest, soft love songs, and blowing past unsuspecting bystanders on the street. But like any red-blooded stud of a car. It's time we came clean. We've had a Mitsubishi Mirage on loan from the Mitsu folks for several months now.

So it's been more than several months. It's been more. SuperStreetOnline features. Jun 21, View Photo Gallery 6 Photos. Japanese European Domestic. Sam Du — Oct 10, The 1st Gen.

5g mirage 4g63 swap

Evan McCausland — Oct 9, Micah Wright — Oct 8, Bob Hernandez — Oct 7, Honda Civic Type R vs. Toyota Supra. Scott Evans — Oct 6, You know what was really really hard? Typing "lancer 4g63t swap" into google and clicking the first link that came up. To spare you the headache from having to read so many words below, this is a monster of a project, and if you are asking then you won't be able to do it.

For example, since you weren't planning on using the AWD transmission, which one were you hoping to use that would handle the power of the 4g63? Are you ready to strip your engine bay and completely re-weld everything in there? What about power, considering that the EVO chassis is reinforced with spotwelds to help it not twist?

I would recommend just selling your car and getting something faster you could buy a used Z, WRX, Mazdaspeed 3, etc for less than the price of the swap alone, not even considering that you would also have the money from selling your bottom of the line lancer.

Get yourself an older DSM if you are deadset on using this engine. What is need and how it can be done? An alternative will be using the 1. It should bolt up with minimal modification. However, this transmission is made to handle much less power and torque. He basically took out everything from the engine bay, re-weld every single mount and relocated every vital component.

For 4G, if you're looking for a sedan coupe has different front endthey were only available in Since the turbo Mirage came with 4G61T, which is fairly similar in terms of exterior dimension and configuration. This operation is relatively easy to perform.

Mitsubishi Mirage with an Evo Powertrain

A 4G93T is a 1. The most common one is found on the body style Lancer. Price for this engine would be easily in the same ballpark as compared to the EVO engine. Trending News. Hailey Bieber endorses Biden — while dad backs Trump.

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Holeshot Performance 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage with 4G63 swap

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Personally I would rather go through that build then just simply swap a 63 in. Spetz Well-Known Member. The thing that'd deter me personally is reliability. At stock power levels the 4G63 should be reliable and plenty fast and can run factory ECU. Spetz said:. Stock ECU and stock tune I should have said. Then you'd have a car that is really civil in behaviour and you can run a bit more boost than factory if you wanted some extra power.

That'd be my pick at least, a car that behaves like stock and there's no need for more than kw in a FWD Lancer.

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